Keyword Analysis, Keyword Research and Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO Services

It consists of complete keyword analysis and research. It makes the major part in the whole SEO practices. Such keywords can be obtained with various tools of keyword research. They are said to be the best host for any website and they can be found by the search engine's crawlers. Once the research is done, the keywords are found and sent to you for approval. We will again search and confirm the keywords if you need any changes. We have an expert researchers' team which is engaged in researching the widely-used and important keywords to search the website like yours. Here, we analyze all the top-ranked websites with all such keywords and we implement the strategies for top placement and several business model listings are being used with several listing algorithms for search ranks. Generating user-friendly content is very important and it should be SEO friendly as well. We search for relevant keywords according to the type of your business as well as your services and products. This is why SEO is both an art and science.

Analysis of Competitors' Sites

We analyze the websites of your competitors basically to gain more insight and information about how they are performing well, what strategies we should implement to lead the market and what is your site status. In our process, we usually prepare a lot of reports with insightful and important information of the websites of competitor.

Pre-Optimization Search Ranking Report

It is really very important to know the actual position of your website before starting the process of SEO. We check out the placement of your website in all the search engines with widely-used keywords to prepare this report. It is said to be the starting point of search marketing.

Implementing Codes and Tags

For SEO Services, coding is really very important tool. Your website will be studied by our SEO experts and they will insert codes and tags so the search engine bots can recognize the main keywords on your webpage. It is a major part of off-page optimization. Several times, we need to make bookmarks to present the importance of keywords and topics to the search engine spiders.

Organic SEO with Title Tag Optimization

The title tag is very important for SEO and search engine placement solutions. Basically for SEO in Yahoo and Google, we research the best title tags which are widely used for searching the type of your website. We optimize all the phrases. You can get high ranking in Google if the tag is used properly. We optimize unique title for several pages to boost the odds for the listing of your website.

Keyword Optimization

When it comes to keyword optimization, promotion of your website is highly relevant. There are situations occur when the names of some products are being identified by several spellings, i.e. colour can be identified as color. In the search box, users may spell some complex words wrongly. So, we can take care of all types of possible spellings to get your website found in all scenarios. Several times, keywords are useful not just in SEO, but also in placements of directories or trade leads. We can consider all such things as a professional SEO Organization. If density is too high of same keywords, it may be considered as keyword stuffing and the content will be tagged as spam by several search engines. So, it is important to use keywords properly and should be framed correctly. They keyword should be relevant without compromising the content quality. So, SEO needs the combination of precise information and search engine friendly content.

Description Optimization

For search marketing, description is really very important for the search engines. They are also known as Meta tags. The description content is also optimized within the predefined word and character limit.

Structure Optimization

To place your website in top position of search engines, it is important that your website should be SEO friendly. Hence, we believe in creating Google-friendly website if you allow us to develop a website for your organization. Sometimes, we have to optimize the website which is already created. We have expertise and knowhow to transform your old website into Google-friendly and well optimized website. According to your desires, we can change its navigation structure. This way, the search bots can navigate all the page links in search engines. This way all the pages or links of your website will be listed in search engines.

Site Map Design

For proper link optimization in search engines, it is very important to have site map which is well structured. Here, we are known to create site maps which can describe the brief description and link name. We can develop the site map if you don't have any in your website.

Google Analytics

With the help of this tool, you can get information about total number of visits in your site, pages visited, and clicks on links. It can also show you that the visitors came from which site. You can search for the user's type, most popular keywords, and country details.

Content Body Text Optimization

Keyword-oriented content and rich body text are the soul of search engine placement and high ranks on search engines. Here, we optimize keywords through the current content or changing it with your approval. In order to list the website at high position, you need search engine friendly content or text. Unless you have rich content or text, you cannot attract the crawlers of search engines to position your site on top ranks. We provide rich content development solutions to our clients and we are known to develop SEO friendly content on any of your desired subject.

H1-H2 Tags Optimization

As compared to the common page content, header tags are more important. While indexing the webpage, search engines consider them widely. For visitors, Header tag is also very important because it reveals very much about the content to both visitors and search engines.

Google Site Map Hosting Development

Sitemap is actually the series of pages that can be linked on your site. Submitting and creating sitemap ensures that Google is aware of all the pages of the sites, even URLs which cannot be seen by normal crawling process of Google. They also reveal other information that cannot be discovered.

Yahoo Site Map

Sitemap can be submitted in xml file and it contains the list of all the pages and URLs on the website. This xml file directs and informs the crawlers of Yahoo to get the web pages indexed and found instantly.

ALT Optimization

It is actually an HTML alternative tag which reveals the images and everything about them to the search engines. As search bots cannot identify the text in images, these tags tells everything about the engine. It is important to understand the purpose of image.

Online Submission

Once the process of off-page optimization is done, the online SEO or submission process begins for search engine placement. We submit the website to all the major search engines. Though this process takes time, but it is more reliable than automated process of submission. Our process of submission consists of all the spider-friendly search engines. The search engines visit trillions of web pages to provide precise information to the users. Along with this, the algorithms of search engines change all the time. So, it is very difficult to follow the trend adopted by major search engines. This way, the process needs the bunch of professionals and experts. Websites get around 90% of the traffic from Google and Yahoo.

ROR Site Map

ROR is the fastest evolving XML format that is used to describe anything about your content in generic way and it helps a search engine to understand the content better. It describes the sitemap and the services, products, articles, feeds, archives, reviews and lots more. They can also be read by Google and other search engines.

Directory Submission

Search engines are used to take information from several major directories, including dmoz. In the mean time, listing of your website is very important in some product specific directories and country specific directories. The directories are marketed through search giants and they are listed in search engines as well. Your website will be submitted to all the major directories, including country-specific and product specific directories, as the part of SEO process.

Country Specific Directory Submission

We submit your site to all the major country specific directories like MSN, Yahoo AltaVista etc. as part of the process of search engine marketing.

Product Specific Directory Submission

There are different product specific directories that are the major source of data for search engines. By listing your site in these directories, you can expand your products across the world

Content Writing

All types of offline and online content are submitted at Google Base. Describe the item with attributes while positing so people can find out what the article is all about. After submitting to Google Base, the items will be found on Google Product Search or Google. Content is very vital for SEO and it is important to submit Google friendly content to appeal more visitors to your site. We can create Google-friendly and effective content.

Article Submission

For any of your desired topic, we write an article and post it on the specific article directories so your site can be promoted during the SEO process.

Progress Report

Once your website is submitted, we will keep on finding out whether it is listed on search engines.

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